February 5th, 2022 - 8:30am - 1:10pm CT

About The Event

No Regrets Men’s Ministry exists to empower the local church to develop its men into an army to reach the world for Christ. Live-streamed to hundreds of Host Sites and Small Groups across the globe, this annual event offers world-class teaching on topics relevant to men from top speakers and thought leaders; live worship, challenging stories and group discussion. This will be the 29th No Regrets Men’s Conference.

4 Ways to Attend

No Regrets is a global, single day, multi-site men's conference.
Attend In-person

Attend in person with 3,000+ men at Elmbrook Church in Brookfield, WI.

Host At Your Church

Host the conference at your own church or attend a local host site.

Small Group

Host a small group up to 12 guys – your neighbors, co-workers, friends in your own home.

Individual Streaming

Watch the live event right in your own home.


Won’t you join us by hosting this event at your church? You can live stream the event as a large gathering or empower your men to stream to their small groups. It will be a global movement of men who will be renewed, challenged and propelled to become the men of courage God intends them to be.
  • 4 channels of streaming content for a customized experience.
  • Exclusive resource website providing you with customizable publicity materials.
  • Host Site specialist to help you with pre-event planning.
  • Live tech support during the conference.


As a Small Group Host Site, you can livestream the event to your own men’s small group, in your own home. Invite neighbors, co-workers and friends to join you for this life changing event!
  • 4 channels of streaming content for a customized experience.
  • Access to the Livestream on the day of the conference.
  • Downloadable Small Group Host Guide.


Small Group Hosting


To help you prepare your heart and mind for the No Regrets Men's Conference, we have developed four short video devotionals to encourage and inspire you.
  • Let’s Go–Mobilizing Men
  • Prayer
  • Opening God’s Word
  • Preparing for the Conference

Pre-Conference Devotional

Attend In-Person

Attend the No Regrets Conference in-person at Elmbrook Church, Brookfield, WI

Watch from Home

Experience the entire conference wherever you are - LIVE. Register now for individual streaming access.

Registration includes:

  • Live Event Feed.
  • Ongoing On Demand Access of all platform and seminar sessions.
  • Digital Program.

Conference Schedule

The conference begins at 8:30am CT with a time of prayer, worship, testimony and a keynote address. At 9:45am CT we kick off the 30 minute breakout seminars led by world-class teaching on topics relevant to men from top speakers and thought leaders. Each seminar is followed by a 15 minute break/discussion time. We close out the conference at noon CT with more worship, testimony and our closing keynote address. The day wraps up just after 1pm CT.

  • February 5, 2022

    All times shown are Central time zone. Click on each session below for more details

  • Several early bird seminars are available to attendees of the conference at the Elmbrook Church live site.

    Jonathan Misirian - Work Transitions
    Bryan Marvel - Forgiveness
    Kurt Owens - Adversity
    Elmbrook Church - live site only

  • Opening session with worship, testimony and keynote address

    Keynote: Press On - Larry Osborne
    Description: Larry will introduce Philippians 3:12-14 and provide the biblical basis for the conference theme "Press On".

    Worship Center

  • For remote sites the following sessions will be streamed:

    Channel 1: Marriage-Built to Last - Efrem Smith
    Description: Want a marriage that’s built to last? One that’s maturing and rooted in God’s transformative and empowering love found in Christ? Efrem takes you through 1 John 4 where you will see the overflow of intimacy with God, your identity in Christ and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit are the key to building that kind of marriage. Explore how this is applied to the areas of communication, conflict/resolution and servanthood within marriage.

    Channel 2: Temptations Men Face - Derwin Gray
    Description: As men we are swimming in an ocean of temptations-sexual enticements and worldly wealth, false praise and fake worship, character tests and integrity trials. The temptations surround us every day. So how do we keep our way pure? Join Derwin as he explores the Biblical response to the temptations that all men face.

    Channel 3: Stop Behaving - Jerrad Lopes
    Description: Behavior management is exhausting. Don’t cuss, don’t lose your temper, don’t look at porn. Is this really the good news Jesus was inviting his disciples into? What if there was more to your Christian faith than behavior management? What if Jesus has a bigger adventure for you? Join best-selling author, Jerrad Lopes as he encourages men to step into the true adventure their souls are longing for.

    Channel 4: B.L.E.S.S. - Dave Ferguson
    Description: The acronym BLESS represents five everyday ways to love your neighbor and change the world. Dave will share how to be an effective witness for Christ and how to love people where they are. You will be motivated and inspired to make a difference with five simple ways to bless others with the love of Christ.

    If attending live at Elmbrook, click on Live at Elmbrook for platform speaker seminar room info and breakout seminar details.

  • For remote sites the following sessions will be streamed:

    Channel 1: Take Hold - Afshin Ziafat
    Description: What does it mean to be a man? Identity, masculinity, and manhood can be challenging topics in today’s culture. Where do we find direction in such a time as this? How can men learn to press on and live like Jesus in spite of challenges? Afshin will bring Biblical wisdom to the difficult topic of men’s Identity.

    Channel 2: Dealing with the Wounds of the Past - Steve Sonderman
    Description: In some ways each of us is a product of our past, but we don't have to be a prisoner to it. In this talk Steve will examine the most common wounds of men and how God can bring healing to our lives.

    Channel 3: Rise of the Reconcilers - Efrem Smith
    Description: God desires for men to raise up as Ambassadors of Reconciliation, in today’s ever-increasingly diverse, yet deeply divided mission field. Explore 2 Corinthians 5:14-6:1 with Efrem and see the opportunity to deeply discover the call on Christ followers to carry this message and live out the ministry of reconciliation in a broken world.

    Channel 4: Nothing is Wasted - Davey Blackburn
    Description: Tragedy struck Davey and his son, Weston, in an unimaginable way when Davey lost his pregnant wife of seven years, Amanda, during a home invasion. Amanda was shot three times in their home on November 10th, 2015, passing away in the hospital just 24 hours later. After navigating this sudden loss and profound grief, Davey began helping others navigate their unique valleys and turning their pain into purpose.

    If attending live at Elmbrook click on Live at Elmbrook for platform speaker seminar room info and breakout seminar details.

  • For remote sites the following sessions will be streamed:

    Channel 1: Dad Tired - Jerrad Lopes
    Description: If you’re a dad, you’re most likely exhausted. Many dads work hard to provide for their family, and then come home and try to be the best fathers and husbands they can be. But, what if there is a difference between a tired body and a tired soul? Join best-selling author, Jerrad Lopes, as he encourages dads to find rest in Christ alone.

    Channel 2: Five Truths About Spiritual Growth Nobody Talks About Anymore - Larry Osborne
    Description: We tend to define spiritual growth and maturity through the lens of passion, knowledge, and self-discipline. But isn’t that what the Pharisees excelled at? As we’ll see, the Bible actually paints a different picture of growth and maturity, laying out a path that has been too often ignored or simply forgotten.

    Channel 3: How a Man's Work Matters to God - Afshin Ziafat
    Description: Does your work matter to God? How do you follow Christ in a workplace that seems far from God? Why is the working world so challenging to what you believe? How do you find fulfillment in your work? Afshin will encourage men to press on in their work and glorify God in their workplace.

    Channel 4: A Friend Indeed - Dave Dummitt
    Description: Lone wolf. Renegade. As men we tend to armor up against the world ready to go it alone. But isolation is a liability and strong friendship one of the greatest catalysts to accomplishing the life mission God has called you to. In Scripture, Paul and Barnabas had a strong, purposeful, and imperfect friendship that shows a few ways we can build and protect the kind of friendships that bolster our lives.

    If attending live at Elmbrook, click on Live at Elmbrook for platform speaker seminar room info and breakout seminar details.

  • Closing session with worship, testimony and keynote address Keynote: You Will Never Regret Coming Home - Derwin Gray There are times in our lives where we will run away from home, even from our Heavenly Father. We may feel shame when we realize what we have done, so much so, that it keeps us from returning home. Our Father, however, is compassionate and forgiving. He is always calling us home – and we won’t regret answering that call. Derwin shares the hope we have in returning to the open arms of our loving God.


Why should I attend No Regrets?

Each day presents circumstances that cause us to lose our hope and courage. As traditional institutions fail to grant security, where can we turn? David the Psalmist stated long ago: “He alone is our rock, our salvation and our fortress”. Jesus is the solid ground. Knowing Him is the answer to life’s greatest challenges. Together we will explore exactly how to build your life on the solid foundation of God and His Word. There will be group worship, compelling messages from leading pastors and teachers, testimonies of how other men have done it and seminars on the topics of most interest to you. Take advantage of this day to avoid the distractions of life and renew your dependence on Christ, the solid rock on which we stand.

Where is the conference?

The conference is both in-person at Elmbrook Church in Brookfield, WI and also streamed live to men all over the world. You can attend or host the conference as a church host site, with a small group of men in your home, work or other venue or stream it as an individual.

How do I register?

That depends on how you want to attend. Just click on one of the links below:

Attend in-person at Elmbrook Church
Host at your church
Host as a small group
Stream online as an individual

How do I watch the conference on Feb 5, 2022?

Once you sign-up as a church, small group or individual streamer, we will send you a welcome email and information on how to prepare for the conference. As we get closer to the conference date we will provide you with the details on how to stream the event.

How much does it cost to attend?

In person: $40

Host Site: See host site information page.

Small Group: $100

Stream as an individual: $20

How long is the event?

The schedule is the same, whether you attend-in person or as an online viewer. The conference is ~4.5 hours,  starting at 8:30am CT and ending just after 1:00pm CT.

What is your refund policy?

The hosting and streaming purchases are non-refundable. In-person tickets are also non-refundable but are transferrable to another attendee.

Can I choose more than one breakout session?

There are (3) 30 minute breakout seminar sessions during the event. For our host sites and streamers you will be able to choose between 4 streaming channels during these sessions. So, yes you can attend up to 3 and choose the content you’re site is interested in.

If you attend in-person, there will be (3) 30 minute breakout seminars sessions, with seminars running in about 12 room for you to choose from.

Will I be able to access the event recordings afterwards?

Yes, in case you miss a session, you can view it on the No Regrets website or App after the event. Most sessions are available as video, some of the breakouts from Elmbrook are available as audio only.

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