Become a Host Site

No Regrets will be held on February 1st, 2025 in Milwaukee, WI, but there will also be Host Site Churches around the U.S. and throughout the world where the event is broadcast directly to local attendees. As a Host Site Church, you can livestream the event to the men of your church and community. This life changing event is a great way to jump start your ministry to energize them to be fully devoted followers of Christ.

We Stream It. You Host It. Men’s Lives Change.

The No Regrets Conference is a men’s conference intended to help jump-start ministry to men in your local church community. It’s a one-day event that transforms men’s lives by empowering them to walk in loving, trusting obedience of Jesus Christ. Men will be encouraged to be who God created them to be and to walk in step with the Holy Spirit on a moment-by-moment basis. Following the conference, we’ll prepare you with resources to generate more small groups to connect and disciple your men for the other 364 days of the year.

How Does It Work?

The format for the event day is scalable to your specific church size and current ministry program. Invite your guys to attend the half-day conference as a way to kick off the year’s men’s small groups and events. Streamed in high-definition to your facility where you will get the full day’s program complete with 5 platform messages and 4 channels of seminars to choose from during the day.

Technically, all you need is a computer and projection screen(s) to view the conference. Make sure you test the video stream at your site before you sign up for the conference.

Already have a men’s ministry?

Then customize your day by using your own live music worship band and offer some live seminars in addition to those provided. The No Regrets Conference is your event and gives you the flexibility to plan a day specific to your audience.

How Much Does It Cost?

Large Churches are considered having a weekly attendance of >250 people Conference Cost is $800

Small Churches are considered having a weekly attendance of <250 people Conference Cost is $400

Resources to make you Successful

Once you’re signed on, you’ll have full access to downloadable promotional materials like flyers, web banners, posters, email content and social media assets to help you promote the conference. To assist you in putting together a team, streaming, organizing and running a successful conference, we have put together a Host Site Guide which will walk you through the entire process. 

2024 Host Site Registration

New Host Sites

If you’ve never hosted with us before, we would like to get to know you better and be able to provide you with guidance on how to best plan and execute a successful conference. Please fill out this form  and a representative will contact you right away.

Past Host Sites

For those churches that have been a No Regrets Host Site in the past, the host site fee is not based on the number of men you are planning to host, but your church’s average weekly attendance including men, women, and children. Host Site agrees to pay NRMM a host site fee per the table below. The fee to host the Event is due at the time of booking the Event. Choose the registration option for your site below.

Small Church

Weekly Attendance less than 250
One-time charge to host $400

Large Church

Weekly Attendance more than 250
One-time charge to host $800

Host Site Resource Website

Conference Schedule

Starting at 8:00am and ending at 1:00pm CT. Click the button below for the current full day schedule including session descriptions.

Host Site FAQs

What is the conference schedule and streaming channel options?

To give our host sites a greater opportunity to customize their event, we offer FOUR channels of live streamed content. Our primary streaming channel will feature all sessions and speakers from our Auditorium location. The additional streaming channels will be active during the breakout session portions of the day.

While we have up to 4 channels available for live streaming (during the mid-day); if you plan on streaming the different channels to multiple rooms at your venue, you will need to verify you have enough bandwidth to accommodate multiple streams. We recommend 4Mbs download speed for each channel you view.

It’s important that you test multiple-channel streaming, by running our streaming test in each room, at the same time, to make sure you have a quality experience for your attendees. You can test here.

The conference schedule is below. Just click on a session and it will reveal the session title/speaker for each streaming channel.

What if I’m in a western time zone? Can we start later?

The simulcast will begin at 8:00am CT. If you are joining us from the Mountain or Pacific time zones, you are able to utilize our DVR functionality that allows you to start the event later to accommodate West coast time zones.

What is the conference like?

Checkout this highlight video.

Can I preview the sign-up covenant?

Yes, you can preview it here.

Is there a cost to be a No Regrets Host Site?

You pay a non-refundable sign-on fee upfront designed to cover the event for your church site. The fee for churches is TBD. You set your own ticket prices and keep additional revenues to help fund your ministry.

As a host site you choose how much you want to charge your guests for admission to the conference. With the conference being half a day, you may want to offer drinks and heavy snacks during the day and even offer a group lunch afterwards. You will want to include that in the registration fee.

In addition, there may be costs involved in promoting the conference within your area (for example, Host Site scholarships, banners, local printed pieces, regional marketing, postage, etc). However, each site is unique in how they approach their promotions and what expenses they incur.

What kind of team do we need to run this event?

In addition to the Senior Pastor/Leader, Host Sites will need a team of volunteers (number of volunteers depends on how many participants you will have at your host site) to promote, manage, and facilitate the overall conference experience. Seven essential leadership roles have been identified: registration, facilities, hospitality, prayer, program/worship, technical, publicity. Each role requires a different time commitment, focused months of involvement, and defined goals.

What is the strategic role of the Senior Pastor/Leader related to the conference?

Host sites are most successful when the Senior Pastor communicates the life-changing potential of the growth and discipleship opportunities of the No Regrets conference. Although many tasks can be delegated to your leadership team, we can’t overstress the pivotal role the Senior Pastor plays as an advocate for the conference.

What support does No Regrets provide to the individuals fulfilling Host Site Team roles?

Online guidebooks are provided giving step-by-step instructions for each role. Your team will also have access to a wealth of helpful information through our website dedicated to providing important up-to-date information, timelines, best practices and promotional tools.

Once you register, you will have the ability to communicate with one of our Ambassadors to work with you throughout the year as well as our Host Site lead for conference questions. If you have questions please send an email to:

What technical capability is needed?

You will receive the live stream via a web browser on a PC or laptop. We do not support streaming the conference over mobile devices. A webpage link will be provided to the video venues to connect to the web stream.
Browser: We recommend a “neutral” browser, or one that doesn’t depend on the operating system of your computer. These tend to use less on-board resources and result in a higher quality video. Therefore, we recommend using Firefox or Chrome in both PC and Mac environments. Please be sure you update your browsers before the event to get the most recent versions.
It is recommended to use a PC with a faster processor and graphics card. Typically, the faster the PC the better the video is going to perform. The PC should be connected to a video projector/screen and audio system for a church or large group setting. This PC should only be used to stream the conference.
We provide host sites with a test web stream to see the video quality before signing up as a host site. You can test here.

When is the marketing season for No Regrets?

Kick-off for promoting the conference begins in October, with marketing materials available to you in September. We strongly encourage Host Sites to begin communicating with area churches and within their own congregations as early as September and October—to get the event on their winter calendars. Expect registrations to continue to come in right up until the conference. So, ongoing communication is needed with churches and individuals leading up to the event.

Are There Seminars Specifically for Young Men?

Yes, we are offering seminar options during periods 2 and 3 that are focused at high school and college men. During Seminar 2, Channel 4 will be Joby Martin and during Seminar 3, Channel 3 will be Kenny Luck. See Conference Schedule for details.  

Host Site Directory

Interested in attending the conference from one of our host sites? Click on the button below to find a host site near you.

Now Live - The No Regrets Leadership Podcast

The weekly No Regrets Leadership Podcast, which debuts in October, is hosted by Steve Sonderman, Founder and Executive Director of No Regrets Men’s Ministry.

Steve will talk candidly with your favorite speakers from past and future No Regrets conferences, pastors, thought leaders and authors on topics relevant to men’s leadership.