Courageous Follow-up Study

[efcb-section-samplepage hero_image=”” title=”Courageous Follow-up Study” subtitle=”A Six week study based on the messages from the 2021 No Regrets Men’s Conference” background_color=”” title_font_color=”” subtitle_font_color=”” title_font_size=”” subtitle_font_size=”” margin_top=”” margin_bottom=””][content]

Having played, coached and watched a lot of sports over the years I know there is nothing more powerful than momentum. The course of a game can be changed by one play. In sports and life, momentum is everything and it is no different in our spiritual lives as well. Recently you attended the No Regrets Men’s Conference and hopefully it was a boost to your spiritual life. This conference is not meant to be a one-day event, but rather a catalyst for life long change and transformation. 

This study is designed to help men continue the momentum that was created at the conference and to carry it over into our day to day lives. I know that the  ‘spiritual high’ of worshiping with men across the country and hearing one fantastic talk after another can soon wear thin when confronted with the realities of work, parenting and life. For breakthroughs to truly happen in your life, it will involve meeting with other men, taking steps to apply what you learned and being in God’s Word on a regular basis. 

Big plays, game changing plays happen because of what players do when no one is watching, when they are in the weight room, on the practice field honing their skills. This is what the study it all about. It is a chance to hone your life skills and become the man that God wants you to be. 

Devotional Links:

Welcome Letter

Lesson One: Courage for Today

Lesson Two: Life Beyond Regrets

Lesson Three: The Courage to Forgive Others 

Lesson Four: Biblical Masculinity

Lesson Five: Dealing with Temptation

Lesson Six: Living Courageously