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Momentum is simply the force or speed of movement that carries an object to its final destination. In sports and life, momentum is everything and it is no different in our spiritual life as well. Recently you attended the No Regrets Men’s Conference and hopefully it was a boost to your spiritual life. The conference is not meant to be just a one-day event, but rather a catalyst for lifelong change and transformation.

This study is designed to help men continue the momentum that was created at the conference and carry it over into our day to day lives. I know that the ‘spiritual high’ of worshiping with thousands of men and hearing one fantastic talk after another can soon wear thin when confronted with the realities of work, parenting and life. For breakthrough to truly happen in your life, it will involve the weekly meeting with other men, taking steps to apply what you learned and being in God’s Word on a regular basis.

As a former player and coach, I know there is nothing more powerful than momentum and I am so grateful you are taking the steps necessary to live Uncommon.

Devotional Links:

Welcome Letter

Week 1 – Lesson One: The Power of Momentum

Week 2 – Lesson Two: The Uncommon Life

Week 3 – Lesson Three: Uncommon Integrity

Week 4 – Lesson Four: Uncommon Transitions

Week 5 – Lesson Five: Uncommon Marriage

Week 6 – Lesson Six: Uncommon Work

Week 7 – Lesson Seven: Uncommon Growth

Week 8 – Lesson Eight: Uncommon Courage