Church Hosting FAQ

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What is the conference like?
Check out the highlight video from our 2019 conference.

Can I preview the sign-up covenant?
Yes, you can preview here.

Is there a cost to be a No Regrets Host Site?
You pay a non-refundable sign-on fee upfront designed to cover the event for your church site. The fee for a small church with less than 250 weekly service attenders is $400. Large churches with over 250 attendees pay $800. You set your own ticket prices and keep additional revenues to help fund your ministry.

As a host site you choose how much you want to charge your guests for admission to the conference. Because the conference is a full day, you may want to provide an onsite lunch. You will want to include that in the registration fee. By way of comparison, the No Regrets conference attendees at our live site pay $40 for admission.

In addition, there may be costs involved in promoting the conference within your area (for example, Host Site scholarships, banners, local printed pieces, regional marketing, postage, etc). However, each site is unique in how they approach their promotions and what expenses they incur.

What kind of team do we need to run this event?
In addition to the Senior Pastor/Leader, Host Sites will need a team of volunteers to promote, manage, and facilitate the overall conference experience. Seven essential leadership roles have been identified: registration, facilities, hospitality, prayer, program/worship, technical, publicity. Each role requires a different time commitment, focused months of involvement, and defined goals.

What is the strategic role of the Senior Pastor/Leader related to the conference?
Host sites are most successful when the Senior Pastor communicates the life-changing potential of the growth and discipleship opportunities of the No Regrets conference. Although many tasks can be delegated to your leadership team, we can’t overstress the pivotal role the Senior Pastor plays as an advocate for the conference.

What support does No Regrets provide to the individuals fulfilling Host Site Team roles?
Online guidebooks are provided giving step-by-step instructions for each role. Your team will also have access to a wealth of helpful information through our website dedicated to providing important up-to-date information, timelines, best practices and promotional tools.

What technical capability is needed?
You will receive the live stream via a web browser on a PC or laptop. We do not support streaming the conference over mobile devices. A webpage link will be provided to the video venues to connect to the web stream. 

System Requirements: Windows 7 or higher, Mac OS X 10.6 or higher

Browser: We recommend a “neutral” browser, or one that doesn’t depend on the operating system of your computer. These tend to use less on-board resources and result in a higher quality video. Therefore, we recommend using Firefox or Chrome in both PC and Mac environments. Please be sure you update your browsers before the event to get the most recent versions.

Supported desktop browsers:
Google Chrome 45+
Mozilla Firefox 49+
Safari 10+
Microsoft Edge 15+ 

It is recommended to use a PC with a faster processor and graphics card. Typically the faster the PC the better the video is going to perform. The PC should be connected to a video projector/screen and audio system for a church or large group setting. This PC should only be used to stream the conference.

We provide host sites with a test web stream to see the video quality before signing up as a host site.

When is the marketing season for No Regrets?
Kick-off for promoting the conference begins in October, with marketing materials available to you in September. We strongly encourage Host Sites to begin communicating with area churches and within their own congregations as early as September and October—to get the event on their winter calendars. Expect registrations to continue to come in right up until the conference. So, ongoing communication is needed with churches and individuals leading up to the event.