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Stu Weber – General Session 1
Stu Weber – General Session 2

Ansen Beverly – Davis – Being a Man in Today World
Bill Lenz – Being a Man in Today’s World
Bob Bartleme – Discovering the Will of God
Bob & Betsy Anderson – Raising Godly Teenagers
Brad Schimel – Protecting your kids from the internet
Brandon Brown – The (not so) Secret Life of the American Teenager
Brian Sonderman – Reading the Bible with Heart and Mind
Casey Seymour – Legacy Parenting
Chris Stukenberg – 10 Things I Hate About You (Great Ways to Ruin All Future/Current Relationships)
Chris Stukenberg – After God’s Own Heart (Learning from David’s Mistakes in One Crucial Situation)
Colleen Sonderman – 10 Things Every Wife Wants Her Husband to Know
Colleen Sonderman; Dave Seemuth – Loving the Homosexuals in My Life
Dan Berka – Navigating a Crossroads In Your Career
Dan Schober – Diving into the Bible
Danny Parmelee – Being Timothy in Paul’s World: Encouragement for Young Leaders
Dave Seemuth – Life in the Spirit
David Briscoe – Meeting Jesus for the First Time
David Briscoe – Getting Started in Your Faith
Dr. David Schmitt – Men’s Health
Dr. Gary Gregg – Breaking Free
Elizabeth Van Abel – What Wives Wish Their Husbands Knew
Emerson Eggerichs – Love and Respect
Fred Koehler – Growing in your prayer life
Fred Schuler – How to plan a missions trip
Gene Hein – Finances: An Eternal Perspective
George Kojis – World Changing Prayer
Greg Bourgond – Healing Wounds of the Past: Longing to be Blessed
Greg Marris – Loving Those You May Not Like
Harry Shields – No Regrets Parenting
James Carrington – Parenting with No Regrets
Jason Webb – Character Counts
Jason Webb – So You Want to Plant a Church?
Jay Seegert – How Do We Know the Bible is the Inspired Word of God
Jon Werning; Jeff Mass – Using Outdoor Activities to Reach Men
Jim Case – Your Work Matters to God
Jim Vining – Justice and Compassion
Jim Weidmann – Parenting With No Regrets
Joe Urcavich – Temptations Men Face
John Keiffer – Proclaiming the Good News of the Kingdom of God – What is so good about it?
John Slotten – Compassion and Justice
John Matthews – How to have a healthy father – daughter relationship
John Matthews – Lead by Following
John Puffer – Parenting Sons
John Gehlhaart – Finances
Julius Malone – Gods Design for Marriage
Ken Nabi – Building Spiritual Muscle
Ken Hayes – Finances
Larry Creamer – Parenting Sons
Lee Heyward – Guarding the Heart and Mind
Lee Heyward – Mobilizing your church for missions
Mark Weigt – Building Spiritual Muscle
Meeting Jesus for the First Time – Meeting Jesus for the First Time
Mark Mallwitz – The Call of Justice
Martin Childs – Growing in Your Faith
Matt Soerens – Welcoming the Stranger
Mel Lawrenz – Whole Church – Community Engagement
Mel Lawrenz – Dealing with Anger
Michael Harden – Sharing Your Faith
Michael Hoell – Internet Saftey & Electronic Technology Awarness
Michael Noel – Your Work Matters to God
Mike Moran – Evangelism in a Post – Christian Society
Mike & Elizabeth Murphy – Communication in Marriage
Paul Mullen – Reaching the World as a Family
Perry Brown – A Carpenter’s Son: Living as Christ in the Trades
Philip Griffin – Discovering the will of God
Ralph Mierow – Coaching Youth Sports
Rob Adams – A Salesman after God’s own Heart
Ryan Boettcher – Being Consumed? Living Faithfully as Young People in an Age of Consumption
Scott Arbeiter – So You Want It All
Scott Arbeiter – Leading your staff
Steve Mayer – Fire Away – Asking the Tough Questions
Steve Smith – Healing the Wounds of the Past
Steve Sonderman – God’s Plan for a Man
Steve Wintermantel – Meeting Jesus for the First Time
Steve Wintermantel – Living as a Single Man
Terry Fulks – Sharing Your Faith
Derek Depena – The Invisible Man
Ty Loomis – Breaking Free
Walter Harvey – Guarding Your Heart and Mind
William Hendricks – Staying Strong in the Storms of Life
William Hendricks – Your Work Matters to God
Woody & Linda Anderson – Building a Marriage That Lasts

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Stu Weber – Sesión General 1
Stu Weber – Sesión General 2
Casey Seymour – El Legado de un padre
Colleen Sonderman – 10 Cosas que Cada Esposa Quiere que su Marido Sepa
Moises Sandoval – El Hombre Según el Corazón de Dios
Kenneth Abarca – Lo Que Dios Puede Hacer con un Hombre Quebrantado
Lee Heyward – Guardando Tu Corazón y Mente
Mario Navarro – Código Vertical: Normas para una Vida Recta y Exitosa
Paco Cojón – Protegiendo Nuestr@s Hij@s del Internet
William Hendricks – A Dios Le Importa su Trabajo

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